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Welcome to Super Smash Bros. Mercurious Wiki

SSB: Mercurious Wiki is the wikia that brings you everything relating to the Super Smash Bros. idea fansite.

  • New* : Check out (aka BrawlVault) for downloadable, real hacks that you can easily install on your Wii (softmodded through an SD card, not illegally burning a new disc). Additionally, the forums (click "Home" from the brawlvault page) list ideas and requests for movesets, reskins, and more; go on and contribute some of your own creative ideas!
  • If you're curious about the process for setting up the above mentioned hacks, check out the thread here:

Mercurious News Edit

October 23, 2015 - DK3 has reappeared! Edit

Hello once again everyone! DK3 here with news regarding the possible future of SSB: Mercurious! For more information about my sudden return and thoughts, please visit the forums and the topic here:

Please stay tuned for further development in this new event.

Latest activityEdit

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