Name Sonic & Diablon
Health: Easy 200
Health: Medium 250
Health: Hard 300
Health: Very Hard 300
Health: Intense 300
Attack #1 Punch
Attack #2 Homing Attack
Attack #3 Antimatter Cannon
Attack #4 N/A
Attack #5 N/A
Origin Shadow the Hedgehog (GCN/PS2/Xbox)
Release Date of Origin 2005
Works Shadow the Hedgehog (GCN/PS2/Xbox)
Submitted By: James007
Sonic & Diablon

Boss InfoEdit

Diablon is the robot made by G.U.N. and control to defect Shadow and Sonic the Hedgehog is the super speed Hedgehog which help G.U.N. to defect Shadow the Hedgehog. What Shadow the Hedgehog do is the defect Diablon to get the last Chaos Emerald while Sonic must distruct Shadow.

Fight DetailsEdit

Diablon floats on through the air when moving while Sonic runs on the ground.


Punch (Diablon) (Easy-Intense): When Diablon is charging up energy, the robot swings its hand to KO the players, but after the swing it can't move for seconds giving the players a chance to attack the robot.

Homing Attack (Sonic) (Easy-Intense): Look out for Sonic when he attacks you by using the Homing Attack which deals 10% damage.

Antimatter Cannon (Diablon) (Easy-Intense): Watch out when say 'Charge Complete' after when Diablon finishes charging its energy and then says 'Antimatter Cannon. Fire!' while that the explosion will cover half the stage which deals 30% damage with high knockback.

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