Name Palkia
Pokedex Number 484
Generation 4th
Chance of Appearance Very Rare
Attack Style Physical/Indirect
Pokemon Attack Spatial Rend
Submitted By: Turbotaxer

Pokemon InfoEdit

Palkia is the spatial Pokemon of Sinnoh and has the ability to rend space, much like Dialga can control time. Palkia's 'brothers', who appear alongside it in Pokemon Diamond, are Giratina and Dialga.

Attack DescriptionEdit

Palkia rends a large, pink claw-mark-shaped hole from where it stands. Anyone who gets too close will be sucked into the hole for 5 seconds, and then be spit back out, dealing a massive amount of damage for one Pokemon attack, 20%. Anyone hit by Palkia itself will be automatically knocked out unless they are at the bottom of a stage like Shadow Moses Island, where they will just keep on hitting pillars several times until falling to the ground. They will gain 30% damage being hit by Palkia too.

External LinksEdit

Official Submission Page on the Mercurious Website

Original Post on the Mercurious Forums

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