Name Mt. Silver
Location Kanto/Johto Regions
Home Stage of N/A
Hazard #1 Landslide
Hazard #2 Blizzard/Hailstorm
Hazard #3 Legandary Bird Appearance
Hazard #4 N/A
Origin Pokemon Gold/Silver Version (Game Boy)
Release Date of Origin October 14, 2000

- Pokemon Gold/Silver Versions (Game Boy)

- Pokemon Crystal Version (Game Boy)

- Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver Versions (Nintendo DS)

Submitted By: gl1m0

Mt. Silver Peak

Stage InfoEdit

Mt. Silver is a huge mountain that lies on the border between the Kanto and Johto regions. It has a large network of caverns and rivers that run through it, and as a result large numbers of Pokemon, including many rare and powerful ones, live in it. After obtaining all 16 Pokemon League badges, Prof. Oak gives the player permission to travel to Mt. Silver, at the top of which is the legendary Trainer Red (The main character from the previous titles: Pokemon Red/Blue/Green and Yellow Versions), whom the player must engage in a final battle.

Stage LayoutEdit

The stage is a rather basic flat map with a concealed cave beneath the top of the mountain that can be accessed by entering through openings on both ends of the mountain. The mountain is a snow-covered environment, but the cave is rather bare with some rocks and a small stream running through, as well as two pillars near either opening of the cave. On the top of the mountain is a pedestal-shaped rock, on which the Legendary Bird Pokemon occasionally land on and wreak havoc on the battlers.

Stage HazardsEdit

1. Landslide: At some points during a match, every minute or so, a piece of the course will break apart and slide down the mountain, taking any battlers standing on the rock with it, resulting in a KO if the battlers cannot escape the landslide. For every second they remain in the slide, they take around 4-7% of damage. 15 to 20 seconds after the landslide, the land will restore itself. Landslides will also trigger if the pillars inside the cave are destroyed.

2. Blizzard/Hailstorm: After two minutes during the match a fierce storm will brew, striking the battlers and slows their movement speed, as well as potentially freezing (30% chance) and/or damaging (2-5% per second) all on the field. The storm lasts for roughly 30 seconds and then dissapates. The cave is the only place on the map where battlers are untouched by the storm, serving as a 'safe zone'.

3. Legendary Bird Appearance: Every 3 to 5 minutes a random legendary bird Pokemon (Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres) makes an appearance, and assaults the battlefields with moves that correspond with the Pokemon that appears (Zapdos will unleash a Thunderbolt on the field [20% damage], Articuno will fire an Ice Beam [10% damage and freeze effect], and Moltres will shoot out a Fire Blast [20% damage].).

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